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When searching for a new home in the Conroe, Texas area, the quality of the local school district is likely a top priority for many families. Luckily, those moving to the area will have access to one of the state’s top-performing school systems – the Conroe Independent School District (Conroe ISD).

Conroe ISD is one of the largest and most highly-regarded school districts in Texas, serving over 68,000 students across 59 campuses. The district covers a vast geographic area of over 350 square miles, encompassing the city of Conroe as well as several surrounding communities. Conroe ISD is known for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, consistently earning the state’s highest “A” rating for its outstanding student performance on standardized tests.

Families moving to the Conroe area can choose between a range of excellent educational options within Conroe ISD, from traditional public schools to specialized magnet programs and early college high schools. With small class sizes, advanced curriculum tracks, and impressive fine arts and athletics programs, Conroe ISD provides the resources and support to help all students reach their full potential. For those placing a premium on accessing a top-tier school system, Conroe ISD is truly a can’t-miss option.

Neighborhoods in Conroe ISD

There are literally hundreds of neighborhoods in Conroe ISD, but there are some that are more sought after than others. 

Grand Central Park

  • Located in the “hub” of Conroe, this master planned community is zoned for highly-ranked Conroe ISD campuses
  • Students attend schools like Wilkinson Elementary and Conroe High School, which have strong academic reputations.
  • Homes in Grand Central Park range from $300,000 – $900,000 and vary in size. large, luxury properties with median values over $500,000.


  • Woodforest is an upscale, Johnson Development master-planned community-zoned partially to Conroe ISD and Montgomery ISD.
  • Children who live in Woodforest are assigned to the top-performing Conroe ISD schools, including Stewart Elementary and then feed into Conroe High School.
  • Real estate in Woodforest contains a wide variety of home sites. From small patio lots to large upscale gated sections.

River Plantation

  • River Plantation is a large, established neighborhood located within the Conroe city limits.
  • Students in River Plantation attend schools like Kaufman Elementary and Moorhead Junior High, which earn positive reviews.
  • Homes in River Plantation have a median value of around $300,000, making it a more affordable Conroe ISD option.

The Woodlands Villages

  • All homes located in The Woodlands Township are within the Conroe ISD district.
  • The Villages in The Woodlands include Sterling Ridge, Grogans Mill, Creekside Park, Panther Creek, Cochran’s Crossing, Alden Bridge and College Park.
  • Children in The Woodlands are in either The Woodlands High School or College Park Feeder path, which are among the top-performing in the district.
  • Homes in The Woodlands Villages range from $400,000 to over $1 million, appealing to a variety of buyers.

Woodson’s Reserve

  • Woodson’s Reserve is a residential community located just off Hwy 99 in the Southeastern corner of Montgomery County and is still part of the Conroe ISD.
  • Students from Woodson’s Reserve attend the brand new Hines Elementary (located inside Woodson’s) and feed into the Grand Oaks High School feeder path.
  • Real estate in Woodson’s Reserve tends to be high-end, with many large and new homes.

Benders Landing

  •  Benders Landing is an upscale and a partially gated community located just off Hwy 99 in the Southeastern part of Montgomery County.
  • Students in Benders Landing attend schools in the acclaimed Grand Oaks feeder system, the elementary schools are split between Hines and Snydor Elementary.
  • Real estate in Benders Landing ranges from luxury waterfront properties to acreage homes, with prices generally starting around $700,000.

These Conroe-based communities, with their access to acclaimed Conroe ISD campuses, offer families an excellent educational experience combined with the amenities of living right in the city of Conroe. The quality of local schools is certainly a major draw for home buyers in these neighborhoods.

Conroe ISD Feeder Zones

Conroe ISD  has a distinct feeder system that funnels students from elementary schools to specific middle schools and then on to high schools. This feeder zone structure ensures a more seamless educational experience for students as they progress through the district.

Here’s a quick overview of how the Conroe ISD feeder zones are structured:

Elementary Schools

  • There are 33 elementary schools in Conroe ISD
  • Depending on the feeder path, schools either serve pre-K-4th grade or pre-K-6th
  • Elementary schools feed directly into specific middle schools within the district.

Middle and Intermediate Schools 

  • Conroe ISD has 11 Intermediate schools that serve 5th-6th grade students and 7 Junior High schools that serve 7th -8th grade.
  •  Each middle school draws its students from a cluster of the district’s elementary schools.

High Schools

  • There are 6 comprehensive high schools in Conroe ISD, as well as several specialized/magnet high school options.
  • Middle school students then feed into one of the district’s high schools based on their residential location.

For example, students attending Kaufman Elementary School in The Woodlands, Tx will feed into Vogel Intermediate, then to Irons Junior High, and then on to Oak Ridge High School. This feeder pattern remains consistent throughout a student’s academic career within Conroe ISD.

The benefit of this structured feeder system is that it allows for better resource allocation, more streamlined curriculum alignment, and stronger relationships between students, teachers, and administrators as kids move up through the grade levels.

Knowing the specific feeder zones for a given neighborhood is important for home buyers, as it determines which Conroe ISD campuses their children will attend. Many families base their home purchasing decision in part on the quality and continuity of the local school feeder pattern.  The CISD Feeder Zones are

How Conroe ISD has Grown

Conroe ISD has experienced remarkable growth and expansion in the past decade, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing school districts in Texas. The district’s student enrollment has surged by over 20%, reaching more than 68,000 students today. To accommodate this rapid influx, Conroe ISD has invested heavily in new school construction, opening 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 2 high schools since 2013. The CISD community just voted to approve props A,B,& C in the 2023 Bond.  This will add 8 new schools, additions, repairs, technology, and more physical education classes. The district has also enhanced its academic programs, expanding advanced, STEM, and career-focused curricula while integrating more technology and personalized learning. Alongside its physical and curricular growth, Conroe ISD has focused on recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers, maintaining low turnover rates despite the challenges of such substantial expansion. This sustained period of growth has cemented Conroe ISD’s reputation as a premier educational system capable of serving the needs of the booming Conroe region.

Next Steps to Buying or Selling A Home in the Conroe, Tx Area

When looking to purchase a home, it is important to know the locations of the schools you are zoned in. Finding a local real estate agent who also has the knowledge to guide you, can save you a lot of time and can help you make the most informed decisions. As an experienced agent in the area, I can offer you answers to many of your questions. Contact me at 936.647.4423, and let’s chat! I would be honored to help your family find your next home! Take a look at my home buyer guide here.

Take a look at my blog about Montgomery, ISD schools here.

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